Forthcoming Poem in Right Hand Pointing

  One of my poems was recently accepted for publication at Right Hand Pointing! The world of submitting work for publication is totally new for me, and this is one of my first acceptances. Yay! Keep an eye out for a link to the issue when it goes live in June.


Got to share this poem at a cozy little spoken word open mic this week: Still   I still say I’m just having a hard day but it has been years and years so now I’m thinking maybe this is what emotional hording looks like This girl who refuses to grow out of fear or …

12 Things I Learned at the National Poetry Slam

This year’s National Poetry Slam starts next week! So today’s throwback is a poem I wrote just after NPS in 2013. Things I learned at my first National Poetry Slam: List poems are often effective because they’re easy to follow. Don’t count too high though. People are easy to lose. Everybody loses somebody. A dream coming true is …