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Vote on your favorite mural design!

Greetings, friends and family near and far, earthlings and internet beings.

BIG news: I am painting another BIG mural this Fall. This one is at the Wenatchee Public Library. "What will this mural be? What will it look like?" you ask. Mhmm... well, this is where YOU come in. The library would like anyone and everyone to rank the designs in order of favorite, second favorite, and third favorite. The design with the highest vote count will be our final design.

Note: Heather and I designed ALL of these, and we will be the artists completing this project. You are not voting for us against any other artist. We are already the winners - you just need to tell us which design you'd like to see!

Voting is open to anyone, not just locals. If you are reading this, it means I want your vote because I care what you think!

Here's the link to vote! You will have to click into the blog post and then follow the link to the google form... thank you in advance for all the clicking

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